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Beichen: Xinjiang electric power on a "female man" frequency abusive husband alarm: was going to be killed

Normal operating conditions of current protection circuit breakers

A) ambient air temperature limit is not more than +40, the lower limit value is not less than -5 degrees, the average temperature value of 24h is not more than +35 C; note: in ambient air temperature

Circuit breakers used in the case of a +40 or below -5.

B) the installation location of the elevation is not more than 2000m;

The relative humidity of the atmosphere is not more than 50% at the maximum temperature of +40 degrees Celsius, at lower temperatures can have higher relative humidity, the average maximum of the most humid month C

Relative humidity of not more than 90%, also the month of the monthly mean minimum temperature does not exceed + 25 DEG C, and taking into account the temperature variation of condensation on the surface of the product;

D) in a non explosive dangerous medium, and the medium is not enough to erode the metal and to destroy the insulating gas and charged dust.

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